Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I want to story about my kitchen class last tuesday......
everything was ok.....
start with mice n place and as usual, we came early to did it....
this week again Lester the
Sabahan Taiko
been my partner......

on that day
we cooked 2 dishes..... appetizer and main course
the appetizer was
Potato and Chicken Pie
while the main course was
Red Snapper Fillet with Tomato & Zucchini.....

Potato and Chicken Pie

Comment from Chef;

  • Nice Skin and color
  • stuff ok moist
  • need more a bit seasoning

Red Snapper fillet with Tomato Zucchini

Chef comment ;

  • Sauce too thick and sour
  • texture & color not nice
  • seasoning ok
  • volume ok
haha on that day I felt soo happy
cuz all my dish got improvement... and all aof all
really fulled
cuz we ate all the dish after commented by chef...
haha delicious....

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